Web design

Almost 100% of my design ends up online. The digital ecosystem is rapidly evolving, as designers like me continue to adapt to new platforms, devices, and ad formats. I think if you are standing still, you are moving backwards.


As an experienced designer I have made everything from business websites to campaign sites and games on different platforms. The latest one I worked with was a responsive campaign site with a Instagram competition made with HTML5. My favorite content management system is WordPress, and most of the pages I do are powered by WordPress. I also make other online-designs such as: banners (gif, jpg and flash), newsletters, digital videos, online page flip (software), games and other graphics. I have knowledge of HTML, CSS, Java Script and Jquery.


Working as a Designer and Web Producer I have great knowledge of the process from start to “publish!” As well as designing I was brainstorming, setting up budgets, project managing people, following up milestones, keeping in contact with the client, checking the quality of the work, content managing and more…