Gilde is Norway’s largest meat brand. For their new line of BBQ-products they wanted a big campaign and a huge introduction to the market. We came up with a concept and a great marked-mix. In this campaign we had TV-ads, In-store material, ADshels, Magazine/newspaper ads, Facebookpage, Instagram account and last but not least – a big campaign website. My job on this was web-producer and designer/AD. First I worked a lot on the user experience and brainstorming content and how we could engage the audience. As a web-producer I was responsible for the budgets, timeframe and communication (both client and programmers). This was a HTML5 site and a mobile app, so the programming was done by a agency. The end results was a success! The website had a Instagram competition, product introduction, recipes, a function to make your own menu, videos with tips, a online invitation to send to friends with a weather-report, BBQ-party tips and lots more!